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About Buzz Kidder Originals

Bob Kidder was a big man with a big dream. As a competitive athlete, Bob was involved in the Tucson games. Eventually, he became the athletic director of the games and began making T-shirts for the events. This step gave birth to Buzz Kidder Originals—A company which makes a variety of clothing with a Scottish theme as well as the official game shirts for the Tucson Games. As business grew, Bob sought help from his life-long friend Mark Johnson. Bob and Mark had grown up together in New Jersey and Mark brought some much needed help to the events connected with that games.

Mark moved to California to be more involved in the business and in 1999 Mark and his wife Loretta bought Buzz Kidder Originals from Bob. Mark and Loretta concentrated on the west coast and renamed the business Buzz Kidder Originals of California. The business has expanded from three games in California to 19 games in various settings on the west coast.

The philosophy that Mark and Loretta bring to the company is quality products for a great price. Since buying the business, Mark and Loretta have expanded it to include not only the game t-shirts but a large variety of Scottish Goods as well.